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Green Bay's latest messiah has arrived, and his name is Love. From training camp to a second-half comeback over the Saints, it seems people are buying the hype. But Jordan Love still has a lot to prove. He's been bad under pressure and missed some easy throws. He will get some offensive weapons back for this game, which could have people thinking over, but Detroit's defense is formidable enough to hold their own in this divisional battle.

The Lions' have a *potentially high-powered offense, but ARSB is hobbled, Jared Goff is worse away from home, this is a Thursday night game, and the Packers' defense looks solid. The Lions are always a threat to put up points, but I think they'll struggle to get it done in Lambeau.


Washington is coming off of an absolute thrashing at the hands of the Bills while the Eagles roll in fresh off a convincing win over the Bucs. Philly is the better team and should get the win, but this is just too many points. The Eagles' offense has sputtered some out of the gates. They have moments where they remind you they are the Eagles, but Jalen Hurts is also missing some easy throws and not finding it quite as easy to run for some reason this year. Washington's defense is good enough to slow Philly's offense, but can their own offense put up any points?

The Commanders started the year with wins over two bad teams--Arizona and Denver--before falling to the Bills. Yes, it was bad, but that loss also needs some context. The Commanders had 5 total turnovers and lost the turnover battle by 4. It wouldn't shock me if this Eagles defense got some takeaways, but 5 turnovers in a game is an outlier in the NFL and you can't take too much away from that. Brian Robinson Jr. will get his 3 yards per carry, and if the Commanders can convert a few third downs I think they can keep this close.

Here's the last thing--the Eagles haven't exactly owned the Commanders in recent years. Since 2020 the Commanders are 3-3 straight up and have only lost one of those six by more than ten.




We've got two games to talk about here, so I'll keep it short. Deshaun Watson looked good against Tennessee's terrible secondary. Despite some injuries, Baltimore will at least put up more of a fight. Yes, Cleveland's defense has been amazing, but Lamar can use his legs to escape the pass rush and work the ball into short and intermediate routes. These are two very good divisional opponents and I fully expect this game to be within a TD either way.

Does it scare the hell out of me to bet the Chargers--you bet it does. They could easily be 0-3 right now. The issue here is that Jimmy Garoppolo probably will be out with a concussion and it's either the elderly Brian Hoyer or the rookie Aiden O'Connell who will play in his stead. Josh Jacobs could have a big game here, but he's had a tough time getting going so far this year. I still think the Chargers are a pretty good team, they just find a way to screw it up. Luckily, the Raiders are pretty good at that as well.

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