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About 70% of my betting on college basketball is done in the live markets. I'll probably release a video soon with more of what I look for in live bets and when I pull the trigger, but for today here are a few bullet points.

  • I prefer live-betting dogs who I believe have a chance to win.

  • I bet the most on games I'm actually watching.

  • I don't have a specific target number. I have a range, but it is impacted by what I see happening in the games.

Here are some teams I will be watching for live bets today.

Texas (-6.5) vs West Virginia

If I got the early line (-4.5 or 5) I would have bet this pregame. At this point the line got away from me a bit so I'll watch this game live. I think this is a great spot for Texas, and while I do think they cover the 6.5, I'll feel better if I can get it at or below the opening spread.

Boston College (+6.5) vs NC State

I like ugly home dogs in conference (not a new idea!). This is another game I considered betting pregame, but Boston College has been a no-show too many times. I want to see how the game is progressing before pulling the trigger. If they're making it grimy and I can grab a couple of extra points I'll likely be in.

Louisiana Tech (+11) vs FAU

This one is a little bit dangerous. FAU is very good and can put up points in bunches if they're shooting well. The thing is, they don't generally win by this much. They've only covered this spread once at home in conference and LA Tech plays close games on the road. At some point in this game FAU will be ahead, so I can get a better line live.

USF (+9) vs Cincinnati

The reasoning for this one is identical to Louisiana Tech. USF plays close games on the road. They just generally don't lose by this much. But Cincy will certainly have a lead at times, so again, I'll wait and get some extra points.

Stanford (+9.5) vs Arizona

Arizona has beaten some bad teams on the road by double-digits, but against better teams they've had really close games. I don't know if Stanford is a good team, but they're not terrible, and they're at home. If they don't get completely blown out early I think they can hang around. I wouldn't play either side at 9.5, but if I can get around 15 for Stanford I'll certainly consider it.

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