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There are lots of ways to approach figuring out the right stacks for DFS. One important consideration is how condensed the usage is on each team. For example, the Bills might have a huge offensive output, but who's going off--Diggs, Davis, Knox, Kinkaid, Cook? The teams in this article are ones where the first two weeks say that if they go off you won't have to guess who's going to score the points, and that can be valuable to get you into the cash.


Player/Pass Snaps/Targets/Percentage of Targets

  • CeeDee Lamb: 66/17/28.33%

  • Tony Pollard: 48/10/16.67%

  • Jake Ferguson: 41/10/16.67


These three players account for 61.67% of targets. In addition, Tony Pollard is averaging nearly 20 rush carries per game. The Cowboys are first on the list because they are a good offense and they play the worst team in the league this week. The danger here is that they're up so much that the usage goes down for their top guys. If not, this is a great three-man stack that you can use as your primary or secondary stack.


Player/Pass Snaps/Targets/Percentage of Targets

  • Tyreek Hill 67/24/33.33%

  • Jaylen Waddle 60/12/16.67%

  • Durham Smythe 81/9/12.5%


It's not a revelation that Tyreek Hill dominates targets on the Dolphins, but you probably didn't click this link expecting to hear about Durham Smythe. He's on the field for passing plays. He doesn't have a ton of targets, but he's very cheap and he does have some opportunity. It's interesting that Waddle's targets are as low as they are so far. I'd expect that to tick up at some point soon. If you're stacking the Dolphins you also have to consider Raheem Mostert, but I think you could get away with just stacking up these three as well.


Player/Pass Snaps/Targets/Percentage of Targets

  • Amari Cooper 67/14/22.22

  • Elijah Moore 72/14/22.22


You have to hold your nose to play any stack that includes Deshaun Watson, but this week it's likely that any offensive success the Browns have is going to come in the passing game as they go against a great offensive line and terrible offensive backfield in the Titans. The other name you might expect to see above is David Njoku, but he's had only 7 targets so far this year, which is just over 11%. Jerome Ford will probably see some targets as well, but I'm considering rolling with Cleveland's two primary pass-catchers so far this year.


Player/Pass Snaps/Targets/Percentage of Targets

  • Chris Olave 71/21/32.3%

  • Michael Thomas 72/17/26.15%

  • Rasheed Shaheed 52/10/15.38%


The Saints were disappointing offensively last week against the Panthers and they play another decent defense on the road in Green Bay, but I just can't ignore this usage. These three pass-catchers combine for 73.83% of targets! On top of that, Olave and Shaheed have huge big-play potential. This is one of my favorite stacks of the week as there is a ton of upside condensed into three players who can all fit in your lineup.


Player/Pass Snaps/Targets/Percentage of Targets

  • Davante Adams 58/17/35.4%

  • Jacoby Meyers 27/10/20.83% (In one game!)

  • Josh Jacobs 41/9/18.75%


The Raiders haven't passed much, but when they do it goes to one of three guys. If Jacoby Meyers hadn't been out week 2 with a concussion it's likely this threesome would account for over 80% of targets! On top of that, Josh Jacobs has had 70% of the rush attempts on this team. Will the Raiders be able to put up points against the Steelers' defense? That's a valid question. But one thing we do know is if they do you only need three guys to cover it.

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