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To win 1 unit

The Chiefs don't have a #1 target without Travis Kelce, and that's a problem. But they still have Patrick Mahomes and they likely would have beaten a good Lions team if it weren't for some key drops by these lackluster receivers. The Chiefs get Chris Jones back on the defensive line this week against a Jags offensive line that will allow pressure. Calvin Ridley was better than advertised, and this offense can put up some points. But they were struggling with the Colts until the end of the game. The defense looked pretty lackluster as well and that's bad news going up against Patrick Mahomes coming in off a loss.

Prediction: Chiefs 30 - Jags 24


To win 1 unit

The Chargers got into a shootout and came up short against the Dolphins. They won't have to worry about that this week against the Titans. Yes, the Titans play close games, even against good teams, but these teams are on different levels. Ryan Tannehill was brutal under pressure and the Chargers are likely to create more, not less, than the Saints did. The Chargers' offense is high-powered and will pick apart the Titans' secondary. This one could get out of hand.

Prediction: Chargers 28 - Titans 13


To win 1 unit

I am not high on the Bears, but this line is too much of an overreaction to what we saw in week 1. The Bucs got torched by a Minnesota passing attack that couldn't put it in the end zone and turned it over three times (one of those in a key situation). The offense put up 20 points against one of last year's weakest defenses. Let's not forget that Baker is still the QB too. The Bears got taken behind the woodshed by the Packers. They showed they're in for another long year, but they still did upgrade their offensive weapons and linebacking corps. This line went from Bears -1 to Bears +3. A pick or Bucs -1.5 seems right to me, so I'll buy the overreaction.

Prediction: Bears 20 - Bucs 19


To win 1 unit

Seattle's loss to the Cooper Kupp-less Rams had to be the dud of the week. I mean, holy crap. We knew Seattle could have some holes, but the offense should be great and the defense is improved over last year on paper. This is similar to the last game in that there is a market overreaction to what we saw in week 1. The Lions beat the (Kelce and Jones-less) Chiefs. It was a good win. The Seahawks got worked by a below-average team. It sucked. But one of the ways to make money is to find the overreaction and buy into it. I'll give the Seahawks a pass on week 1. If it's that bad again I may not do the same in week 3.

Prediction: Lions 30 - Seahawks 28


To Win 2 Units

Woof. That was the worst beatdown in the league since the Cowboys brutalized the Vikings in a similar fashion last year. Everyone's burying the Giants today, but if you were paying attention you knew they weren't that good. They're also not as bad as they looked on Sunday night. They were outclassed in speed, power, and skill by one of the best teams in the league. The Cardinals are not one of the best teams in the league, in fact, they're the opposite. Brian Daboll will have this team ready to bounce back in the Arizona desert. This line is a gift.

The Rams beat the Seahawks, and maybe that makes us think they could be decent. This is still a team that has a ton of holes and they will face one of the most difficult defenses in the league when the Niners come to town. For whatever reason the Seahawks didn't exploit a defense with tons of holes either, but the Niners won't face the same problem.


Giants 24 - Cardinals 13

49ers 30 - Rams 17

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