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Last week's teaser came through with Baltimore -3 and Washington -1.5. Let's see if we can do it again. Here are six teaser legs to consider. If you just want the ones we're taking, that's at the bottom.

HOUSTON TEXANS +1.5 --> +7.5

Look at the mixture of fear and concentration on the face of CJ Stroud and tell me you don't want to bet on the Texans. Okay, that's no real reason to take this teaser, but real reasons do exist.

This game has a low total, which means points will be at a premium. The likelihood that the game stays within a TD one way or the other is high. The Texans looked competent, for the most part, against the Ravens, and the Colts are not the Ravens. This game is in Houston as well. Neither of these teams is good, but there's just not a big disparity between them, as the line reflects.


This is another game where it's going to be tough for either team to win by more than a TD. The Falcons will be running, and so will the clock. The Pack looked good against the Bears last week, but Fields' underlying metrics were terrible as usual--and so was the eye test. Jordan Love looked good but he wasn't tested. The Falcons are an average team--not great, but not bad either. The Packers are an average team as well. Sounds like a coin flip. Plus 8 works.


I don't like saying anything positive about the Patriots, but this is about money, so we do what we have to do. The Patriots defense looks absolutely legit, and the offense looked better than expected. Miami's offense runs through two guys and it clicks when Tua has time to throw. Belichick and company will have a gameplan ready to limit Hill and Waddle. Putting pressure on Tua won't hurt either. This is just a bad matchup for the Dolphins and I think they're in danger of losing this one outright.

NEW YORK GIANTS -5.5 ---> +0.5

I know, you don't tease through zero, but this basically just makes it a ML play (you could use Giants ML and an alt spread on another leg if available). It's pretty simple. The Cardinals are bad and not really trying to be good. The Giants are average or a little below. They ran into a buzzsaw in the Cowboys and things snowballed, but Coach Daboll will have them ready to bounce back. I think we could even see a big day from Daniel Jones as he faces this very weak defense.

SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS -7.5 ---> -0.5

We can keep this one fairly simple again. The 49ers are one of the three best teams in the NFC and look like legitimate contenders to make it to the Super Bowl. The Rams impressed by winning a game in Seattle, but they still have a young and relatively porous defense. I think the biggest factor here is that the Niners will get pressure on Stafford and the Seahawks did not. Stafford is immobile at this point in his career and it will be a tough day for him.


The Cowboys D is dominant and really good at turning teams over. Zach Wilson is not dominant and is good at throwing it to the other team. The Jets defense is certainly legit, and they could keep the Jets in this one, which is why I prefer a teaser leg with the Cowboys to a straight bet. It's really hard to judge the Cowboys' offense coming off that game against the Giants. They are talented and should do enough to get the Boys a double-digit win, but my confidence level isn't a 10 out of 10 on that.


I've been trying to limit myself to one teaser bet each week this year, but there are three legs I really like, so I'm making two bets.

  • 49ers -0.5 & Giants +0.5 (or take the ML on both teams, that's what I actually did) -111 / to win 2U / BetRivers

  • 49ers -2.5 & Cowboys -3 / to win 1U / BetMGM (I had to take the higher line on the Niners for this one to use a book that had the Cowboys at -9 instead of -9.5)

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