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Going into week 11 of the NFL season, you're probably not thinking, "I really should be looking at the futures markets." Well, I'm going to make the case that you should.

  • Futures markets often move significantly week-to-week, even when a team wins and loses games they are expected to win or lose.

  • With only 8 weeks left, you're tying up money for 2 months instead of 5.

  • If you follow a strategy, there are opportunities to middle your bets in the coming weeks--mitigating your risk and increasing potential profit.

Here are 6 futures plays I'm making. (The first 2 are free, to get the others, sign up for a free trial using the link at the bottom of this post!) I'll be updating these plays and sharing others over the next 4 weeks. After that, futures tend to be less valuable.


BET NOW: Under 6.5 Wins (+130) DK & BetOnline

The Packers are a below-average team with an easy overall schedule. However, in their next three games they play the Chargers, Lions (away), and Chiefs. Of course it's possible for them to win one of these games, but it's not likely. The Chargers need this win to keep their playoff hopes alive and the Lions and Chiefs are significantly better teams.

BET LATER: Over 5.5 Wins

After a tough three-game stretch, the Packers schedule gets easy again. In their final five games they face the Giants (away), Bucs, Panthers (away), Vikings (away), and Bears. The Packers are bad enough to lose any of these games, but it's very likely they win either two or three, which would put them at five or six wins for the season. If they get to six, you hit both bets. If they only get to five, as long as you got both bets at plus money, you still come out ahead.



  • I already have 1 unit on u7.5 at +104, so I will only bet 0.5 units on u6.5. I would but 1 unit if I didn't have anything on this yet.

  • Bet o5.5 if it gets to -110 or better. I will bet 1.1u at -110, and 1u if it is plus money.


BET NOW: Under 5.5 Wins (+105) DK

Justin Fields is coming back, and while he's a better option than Bagent, this doesn't move the needle much. The Bears were bad with Fields before and I expect it to stay that way. Their next four games are all ones they'll be expected to lose--at Detroit, at Minnesota, bye, Detroit, and at Cleveland. I can see them getting the better of Minnesota or beating Detroit at home, but one win is the ceiling here.

BET LATER: Over 4.5 Wins

The Bears finish the season with three winnable games--Arizona, Atlanta, and at Green Bay. I don't expect them to win all of these, shoot, they could lose all three, but I think they get one or two wins. This puts them at five or six wins on the season, and once again, at five you win the middle and at six you basically push.



  • Bet 1u now on u5.5 at +105.

  • Bet 1u on o4.5 if it is +100 or better after their trip to Cleveland.


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