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The Jets have Super Bowl aspirations this year thanks to the arrival of Aaron Rodgers, and it's hard to blame them. Last year's team was competitive with Zach Wilson making a mockery of football on a weekly basis. But Aaron Rodgers is getting old and he didn't exactly look like himself last year--especially when it came to interceptions.

In the 2022 season, Rodgers threw 12 picks on 542 attempts. That's one INT per 45.167 pass attempts. Not so bad, right? Well, in comparison to previous years, it is that bad. Check out his previous three seasons.

  • 2021: 1 INT per 132.75 attempts

  • 2020: 1 INT per 105.2 attempts

  • 2019: 1 INT per 142.25 attempts

Even with a rough campaign in 2022, Rodgers ranks #1 out of likely 2023 starting QBs for the lowest INT rate over that four-year span.

The question is whether last year was an anomaly or if Rodgers is declining and we can expect him to struggle to return to form. If he returns to being the best in the league at protecting the ball, the Jets have reason for optimism.

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