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3 NFL First Half Bets for Week 8

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

We're sneaking up on the halfway point of the NFL season, and to some extent we're still trying to figure out exactly how good (or bad) teams like the Giants, Bucs, Packers, and Jets are. You know what we're not trying to figure out? Which teams have been good and bad in the first half. So I'll stick with that and give you a few teams I like to ball out--at least for a half.


Philadelphia Eagles -6 1H (-110)

In my opinion, the Eagles are one of the top 3 teams in the league (3rd, but still). They're coming off a bye and playing the worse-than-mediocre Pittsburgh Steelers. The Eagles lead the league in first half points, averaging 21. In the last 3 games they've put up 18 per game. But it's not

just offense for the Eagels. They're also 4th in the league for points allowed in the first half at 8. Meanwhile, Pittsburgh has been bad on both sides of the ball in the first half, averaging just 7.7 points on offense in their last three, while allowing 13.6--30th out of 32. Yes, 6 is a lot of points for a half, but there's just too much for me to ignore.


Tennessee Titans -0.5 1H (-105)

Next up are the "mighty" Tennessee Titans. All discussion on how good this team actually is aside, they have been a cash cow in the first half. Now they face a Texans team with poor run defense. The Titans are third in first half scoring this season with 15.8 points per game. They've been even better in their last three, averaging 17. They've been phenomenal on the other side of the ball as well, allowing just 7.8 points per game in the first half on the season and 6.7 in their last three. Those numbers are third and second in the league respectively. Meanwhile, Houston has allowed 14.3 points per game in the first half in their last three. I'm gonna ride the train until it goes off the tracks with this one.


Las Vegas/New Orleans over 24 1H (+110)

Our last pick is an over in the Raiders/Saints game. My only concern here is that the Saints might get a lot of pieces back on defense, which could allow them to stifle the Raiders a bit. But the Raiders have put up 16.3 points per game in the first half in their last three, while the Saints have bested that mark with 17. But these teams haven't just scored, they've given up points too. The Saints have allowed 14.7 per game in the first half, second worst in the league, and 20.3 in their last three. The Raiders are a little better, but they've allowed 12.8 on the season and 12 in their last three. All that adds up to an over for me, especially at plus money.

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